5th DRIVEN National Bowling Tournament


Annually held at Coronado lanes in Star Mall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City, the 5th DRIVEN National Bowling Tournament strikes again.

All the elimination matches in the bowling tournament has been played, and from 12 teams now down to 4 teams.

DRIVEN Events team, the first rookie team to enter the final 4. Their players are composed of veteran players who also helped the 2016’s champion (DRIVEN Management Team). Now they build a separate team to proved that they can also do it.

PMTC, is a merge of 2 powerful broker group. They proved that they deserve a spot in the final 4 by beating the highest ranking teams in this season.

South Cluster  made their 1st final 4 appearance this year. Making their way in the 2nd spot. This team is composed of rookies who are all high scorers including the male bowler of the year, Anjo Tarle who have an average of 140.67 pts. per game.

And last is the Metro High, the team to beat. For 3 consecutive years they are in the final 4 but always failed to get the championship. This year, their players are all driven to get their first championship title.

Last night, the semi finals and championship game commence.

The semi finals match are between the Metro High (1st seed) vs DRIVEN Events Team (4th Seed), and South Cluster (2nd seed) vs PMTC (3rd seed). Both the 1st and 2nd seed have the twice to beat advantage.

Metro High is clearly on the upper hand. They beat the DRIVEN Events Team with a final score of 629-534. With the help of Broker Che Saavedra with a total score of 170, Metro High didn’t gave the opposing team a chance to make a come back.

On the other side, PMTC made an upset for the South cluster by beating them twice. Making their way to the Championship game against the Metro High.

The championship game is intense between the 2 deserving teams. But in the end, Metro High claimed their first Championship title with a final score of 674-534. They finally got the title they well deserved.

But still, congrats to PMTC for being the 1st place and to the DRIVEN Events Team who beat the South Cluster for the 2nd place with a final score of 564-497.