Earn BIG using Facebook!

Every year, we are having our Grand Recruitment that will help us add more interested salesperson in our roster and since last month, we’re campaigning this upcoming event entitled “Napapanahong negosyo, mag Real Estate selling tayo”.

Real Estate Brokers and Sellers, and even the staff are helping to recruit more salesperson that will join our large sales force by simply posting a selfie together with the image below on their Facebook timeline.



Some of our Real Estate Brokers and Sellers, and staff campaigning the event

The campaign is a big hit! People are curious about the post and campaign, asking how they can join and asking how they can be able to earn big by using the power of Facebook.

What will happen on this BIG event?

It will be a Grand Recruitment day and a whole day (2 batches) accreditation seminar for those people who are interested to sell and learn the real estate industry using the power of Facebook.

Our Real Estate industry has a continuous growth in the country as we have a housing backlog that could grow up to 6.5 million by 2030. With tourism growth, infrastructure developments, other prospect markets, and with this grand recruitment, we can help eliminate this housing backlog. We can also raise awareness to people who are members of Housing Loan companies of the benefits of being a member/partner.

All these are possible WITH YOUR HELP.

With this BIG event, we will teach you more about the Real Estate industry, give you the best advantage that we have, and guide you to your DRIVEN success.

How can I join?

If you want to have a career that can help you achieve your dreams. Click here to register.

Make sure that you contact the person who invited you or sent you to this page.

This is a free accreditation seminar, just bring your valid ID, ball pen and notebook on April 9, 2016. We provide free snacks, more learning, and an event that may change your life.

Join Us now and be part of our growing family.


Know more about us: http://www.drivengroup.com.ph/our-company/