Sales Rally: Goal Setting and Exciting Incentive Program for 2017

The first major event of DRIVEN this 2017, the Sales Rally. DRIVEN invited Cluster Heads, Top Producers, Top Brokers, and DRIVEN individuals for our goal setting this year and the aim to give them more reasons to continue selling and be motivated by our new incentive programs.

Sales Rally

With our theme this year, “Beat your best, be the best” the goal this 2017 is to beat their production every sales that they will produce every single month and even beat their sales last year. And also for them to be the best. To do that, we have set their goals for them to know what actions they should implement.


Plus, for them to become DRIVEN and be motivated with reaching for their goals, we launched our new set of incentive programs. Some of our new incentive programs on our Sales Rally are as follows:

  1. Beat your best month: Every salesperson who produced a previous personal sale is qualified and will receive Php 100 gift check per million (minimum of Php 2M sales)
  2. Beat your best year: Everyone who produced a previous personal sale last year is qualified and will receive Php 100 gift check per million over and above last year’s annual production
  3. Monthly Grocery Incentive: For producers who have a personal sale/s of Php 3M and for the Top Assisting seller.
  4. Cash incentive raffle: One of the consistent sellers for the month will have a chance to win a cash incentive.
  5. Forbes 100: Broker’s that will produce a Php 10M group sales (less broker’s personal sales) in a month will have Php 1,000 gift check plus dinner incentive with other top brokers.

These are just 5 of our newly launched incentive for our salesperson and brokers this 2017. To know more about our incentive programs join DRIVEN and join our Family now.

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