DRIVEN Marketing Group, Inc. is the fastest growing Real Estate Marketing Company in the Philippines today. We have a large sales force of over 60 licensed Real Estate Brokers and over 900 Real Estate Salespersons all over the country and abroad. We are trusted by over 100 reputable developers in the Philippines. But what are the real advantages of our company among the other Real Estate company here in the Philippines? Why you should choose us?

We invited some of our Top Producers and Real Estate Brokers to share their testimonials about DRIVEN, why they choose DRIVEN, and why they stay with DRIVEN


Maria Amor Cielo Pagcaliwagan
Real Estate Broker

“When I came here in DRIVEN, I have seen a knowledge sa Real Estate. Dito sa DRIVEN kasi we have Trainings and Seminars provided so I was able to get a grasp of what Real Estate is. At the same time maraming pwedeng mag mentor here so hindi ako nahirapan na mag adjust dito sa industry.”

Broker Cielo is one of our Top Broker and a work at home mom. Dreaming to sell and at the same time get out on being a corporate employee. Because of her perseverance in making ads and with the help of her mentors and the trainings provided by the company, she found a family in DRIVEN, she was able to fulfill her dreams as a work at home mom, working and at the sames time, earning much more than what she is earning when she’s still working in the corporate world, and now she had more time with her kids.


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“Here in DRIVEN we are not just a company, we are a family. And DRIVEN IS A COMPANY THAT CARES”


David James Cipriano
Real Estate Agent

“Each and every person in DRIVEN actually works better together. They don’t treat themselves as colleagues but they treat each other as family, something that I don’t see in any other company”

David had his doubt at first but a friend showed him what DRIVEN has to offer. Even though his a part timer, juggling 3 jobs, he doesn’t take it as a reason to say that he can’t gain success. Because of the assisting system of the company, he still can make his sales even having his rest, while having his job, and even while his sleeping.


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“And here, they don’t actually brag about the success, they INSPIRE YOU TO DO MORE.”


Grace Asis
Real Estate Agent

“Nung sinimulan ko to nung 2010, talagang 0% yung knowledge ko when it come to Real Estate marketing pero diba sabi nga nila kapag gusto mo raw ang isang bagay lahat gagawin mo eh. So nung panahon talaga na yun sabi ko kung sisimulan ko siya, kailangan tapusin ko.”

Grace is one of the pioneers in DRIVEN that still making it on our Top Producers lists. But before venturing the Real Estate world, she already had an experience in sales. Because of her determination to learn more about real estate, now she’s one of the top sellers in DRIVEN and fulfill her dreams to travel abroad and to have her own business.


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“When you want success, kailangan daw NANDUN YUNG LEARNINGS.”


Christine Jennifer Dimaliuat
Real Estate Broker

“Kaya pinili ko yung DRIVEN kasi meron lang 3 things. Unang-una, may family spirit, so kung sa bahay yun yung first family mo, dito macoconsider mo na siyang second family.. pangalawa, maganda yung system, dito walang agawan ng mga kliyente, tulungan pa. And then number three, of course meron akong ginawa na bago, DRIVEN for me is delivering relationship through inspiring and visionary entrepreneurs”

Broker Christine is an inspiring entrepreneur. Followed what is given to her. Followed what she think is right and what will be effective to her, and the most amazing thing that she did was, she never gave up. Now she already help her clients, help co-DRIVENites, and eventually, help herself.


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Everyone of us has a dreams to pursue. But not everyone knows how to fulfill it. But these person who are determined to learn, these person who does not complains, these person who dedicate their life to do more, and these people who never gives up, these are the people who reach their dreams successfully. We are not born successful, we are born to reach for our dreams.

Do you want to have a SUCCESS story like them? JOIN US NOW! we will see you and let’s all reach for our dreams.